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Scroll down to purchase songs individually for $1.00 each and support suicide prevention.


  By the end of

September, Suicide Awareness Month, there will be 18 songs to purchase as a whole collection.  

//  Origin:  Green Bay, Philly, NYC, Rockford, IL
//  Genres:  Indie Folk
//  Website:
Short Bio

My name is Linda Steber and I'm the sister of the beautiful lady we lost to suicide, Jeannine Liebert. 


Jeannine and I grew up around music. Our father was a prolific songwriter who performed in bands and informally as a soloist, taking his guitar with him everywhere he went. 

Growing up, our house was full of music. Between our father's guitar, harmonica and keyboard instruments, and a vast array of friends who visited our house, someone was always playing an instrument or two and someone was always singing. 

The gifts of creativity, singing and songwriting have been passed through the generations in our family and are reflected in this collection. Many of my family members are credited in this project. 

I began writing songs for Jeannine before she took her life. She loved every one of them.  And the outpouring of songs from my heart and soul has never been so forceful as it has been in the aftermath of losing Jeannine.


I thought there must be other people who could relate to this pain.  And that's how this music project came to be.  The total collection (hard copy and online collection)  is made up of 17 songs, 13 of which I wrote for Jeannine or about my pain of losing her.  4 songs were contributed  by other artists and friends who love her. MUSIC

All music is registered and copyrighted through BMI


Production Credits: Made Ya Look Studios, Scott McClatchy, Miles Blue Spruce, H-Town Studios, Satch 

PR: Linda Steber

When you click on a song, to play it, you'll see the option to download it for $1.00  Proceeds from downloads will benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  

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