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There's a list of special thanks regarding this project.  I want to thank my family for their unending encouragement and support as songs poured out of my brokenness like water from a gushing stream. thanks for your feedback, your time and your talents. 

I want to thank Made Ya Look Studios.  Jay Schillinger gave his blessing and the use of the time and resources of Made Ya Look Studios in Green Bay.  Without his generosity and willingness to support The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, this project would not have happened. Thanks for believing in our mission Jay!

John Gibson gave of his time and talent from the summer of 2018 to the summer of 2019.  He donated his free time on weekends and time in-between major projects at the studio to complete 18 songs within a little over a year. And Todd Liberty added his expertise with the graphics and text for the physical CD cover. (Yet to be released)

Thank you to each and every musician and vocalist who added to this project.  You'll find their names and contributions on the "Credits" page. This was an incredible collaboration of hearts with various ideas and styles. Everyone added their best and it's turned out to be an amazing and special collection of music. 

Thanks for Bruce, Christi and Kaitlyn Engels for working together to honor Jeannine by creating the artwork for the hard-copy CD.

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